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To ensure that you choose the right Company for your special event, the following are some suggestions to consider:

  1. Inquire about the number of years the limousine company has been in business. Experience is a key factor. Companies that have been in business for a number of years will most likely be more reliable and provider better service than those with little or no experience.

  2. Inquire about the limousine company’s license and operating authority. Limousine and transportation companies are required to have Federal authority to operate their vehicles from the Department of Transportation as well as local State operating authority. Limousine Companies with such licenses are regulated and thus more likely to provide the consumer with satisfactory service.

  3. Inquire about the Limousine Company’s Insurance. There are unfortunately numerous companies around that do not carry the proper commercial insurance coverage on their fleet to protect the consumer in the event of an accident or other mishap. A reputable Limousine Company will have the required commercial insurance coverage and will have no problem providing you with a Certificate of Coverage, if asked.

  4. Inquire about the Limousine Company’s affiliations with reputable organizations such as the Better Bussines Bureau, The National Limousine Association as well as their local Livery Association. Memberships with any of the above and other related organizations is an indication that you are dealing with a professional, reliable Company.

  5. Ask for references of present or past performances from the Limousine Company you choose. Excellent references from other consumers will minimize the possibility of service problems.

  6. Be sure to check the year of the limousine or other vehicle you are interested in, the make and model as well as the amenities inside the vehicle.

  7. If renting more than one vehicle, i.e. a you also get the best man or maid of honor to use the same Company, ask about discounts that may apply on your reservations. Many companies offer special discounted rates for multiple reservations.

  8. Inquire about overtime charges and overtime availability. Many Limousine Companies will charge you a full hour even if your time runs for example 10 minutes over the contracted time. Be sure to ask if it is possible for the Company to charge the overtime rate on 15 minute or 30 minute increments in the event of overtime. If your event ends early enough, most Limousine Companies will schedule subsequent jobs after your scheduled event. Because Bachelor/Bachelorete parties are not always predictable, you may need the service longer than anticipated. Be sure to ask the availability of the Company in the event their services are needed after the contracted hour ends and get this agreement in writing, if possible.

  9. Inquire about your chauffeur’s gratuity. Most Limousine Companies will automatically apply gratuity of 15% to 20% on the contract. Please review your contract carefully so that you do not end up paying duplicate gratuity. Ask if the gratuity is included and whether you can pay gratuity separately to your chauffeur based on his/her performance.

  10. Inquire about the Company’s starting time policy. With a majority of Limousine Companies, your time starts at the time of the initial pickup. Others may charge you from the time the Chauffeur leaves the garage. We also suggest you inquire about travel time. Some Limousine Companies will charge you travel time if your pickup location or destination is further than a certain amount of miles. Be sure to clarify the extent of all travel time charges prior to making your reservation.

  11. Inquire about the Limousine Company’s Bachelor/Bachelorette party packages. Most Companies run specials party package rates will throw in complimentary refreshments (stocked bar depending on your age and the local State Laws), and party favorites. Be sure the complimentary items you want for your event are specified when making your reservation, and placed in the contract.

  12. Inquire about the name of your chauffeur and a cell phone number, if possible. It is very important that you and your chauffeur are able to get in touch at all times in the event you require immediate pickup for your or one of your group.

  13. Once you have selected a Limousine Company to provide your service, ask for a detailed contract of your reservation. Your contract should include the date of service, the time of pickup, number of hours you have reserved the vehicle, the year, make, model and color of the vehicle, the total price of the contract, including driver’s gratuity, overtime charges, and routing information, i.e pickup and drop off locations. The Contract should also contain language detailing the Company’s policies regarding cancellations, deposits and the company’s liability in the event they are unable to provide the service.

  14. Although many companies will call you prior to your reservation to review the itinerary and details of your reservation, if you have not heard from the company 48 hours prior to your scheduled event, contact the company to review the details and amend any discrepancies.

  15. Inquire whether the Limousine Company will have a live person available during the scheduled event, should you require any assistance. If not, be sure to obtain a contact phone number of an operating manager or other individual in charge.

  16. Inquire about free admissions for you and the to local clubs or bars. The majority of Limousine Companies obtain free admission to various night clubs and adult entertainment clubs.

  17. One word of Caution; because Bachelor/Bachelorette parties get crazy at times, be careful about anyone in your group vomiting or spilling inside the Limo. Most Companies will charge you a substantial amount for damage to the upholstery or other areas of the Limo caused by you or your group’s negligence. Keep this in mind and ask everyone in your group to be cautions of the same.

  18. To ensure that you get full usage of your limousine, here are a few other tips that may assist you:

Get everyone to gather in one location. This will eliminate wasting unnecessary time for multiple pickups;

Provide the company in advance with all pickup and drop off addresses so that the driver has full directions in advance and will not get lost;

Bring your favorite CDs to listen to your favorite tunes during your rides; and

Bring a camera to take pictures of an unforgettable night.

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